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    Wine pours from a decanter with three holes for a waterfall effect

    Wine Gifts You Don’t Need

    Every year folks tell me they’re too intimidated to buy actual wine for the wine geek in their lives. Since that wine geek is often me, I always tell them that I love getting wine from literally anyone, but I also caution against some of the fancy wine paraphernalia commonly marketed to the Pimped-Out Kitchen crowd. Some popular products don’t…

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    I Love the Science of Mixology and Food at SkepchickCON

    SkepchickCon at Convergence is going to be completely fantastic this year! And to prove that to you I am bringing you another interview with one of the fabulous presenters! Today, I am serving you up a quick taste of the science of mixology with Mad Art Lab contributor, Anne Sauer. Anne is known as our “Iron Chef” over on Mad…

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