• Feminism

    Sexy Manspreading: Don’t Fight The Feeling

    Manspreading is the key to the hearts of women everywhere—at least, that’s the conclusion of a recent Atlantic article, “When Manspreading is Sexy.” It’s based on the findings of a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that found that men who sat in “expansive postures” got better reactions in speed dating than those who adopted a…

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  • Random Asidesmatriarchy patriarchy venn

    Bad Chart Thursday: Misandry, Matriarchy, and More

    If misogyny and misandry were forced to make small talk, would they find they have anything in common? Both are gender related, sure. Oh, and they have the same prefix! But then . . . awkward silence, at best. Or maybe they’d get along famously, like a little boy and his imaginary friend, the one he pretends to be battling…

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