• FeaturedJohn Roulac

    John Roulac: Anti GMO leader, Big Organic businessman, master manipulator

    John Roulac exudes a weather-beaten, albeit well-polished, flower child image. The founder, CEO and face of Nutiva, named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing food companies in America for five consecutive years, reportedly forgoes designer watches and high-end shoes, instead opting for a more modest lifestyle of hiking, traveling, and soaking in natural hot springs. Yet he heads up the largest…

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  • Ask Surly Amy: Homogenization, How Does That Work?

    Dear Surly Amy, I was peacefully buying groceries the other day when a man came up to me, stared into my cart, and then informed me that I shouldn’t be buying 2% milk because it was homogenized and that would burst my blood vessels.  This man knew this because he had had a history of strokes, which he began narrating…

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