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    Skepchick Sundaylies, with Middle School Freak-Out, How Ladies Should Speak, and Photoshopping Frida Kahlo

    A few hours late (what do you want from me, it was a holiday weekend!) but totally worth it. Sunday Funny: Never tell him the odds. (via The Gentleman’s Armchair) Teen Skepchick Diction and Elocution for the Young Lady of the Technical Persuasion Elizabeth is tired of people telling her how to talk. Mad Art Lab Corralling the Light Elements:…

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  • Quantum Dots

    This weekend, I was a “mentor” for KEYs, a program to introduce middle school girls to science and engineering. One of the things they got to see were quantum dots. While these have many applications, the demonstration was of their different colors. For the demonstration, the scientists mixed quantum dots with a hydrogel, then put little pieces of the hydrogel…

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