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    Join the Skepchicks, Freethought Blogs, and 5,000+ Geeks this Weekend!

    My mother just called and asked what I’m doing tomorrow. I said, “Wednesday? I’m prepping for SkepchickCON! I fly out Thursday for Minneapolis. I’m so excited!” She pointed out that it’s the 4th of July. “The fourth of whatnow?” WHO CARES, because I’m on my way to four days of learning, conversing, and partying with some of the best people…

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  • James Randi & Friends in the UK!

    Not every new calendar entry gets its own shout-out here on Skepchick, but those that are run by Skepchicks or their crushes certainly do. To that end, let me point out that my favorite cheeky skeptical monkey Sid Rodrigues of Skeptics in the Pub has organized a fantastic event in London this April 19: An Evening with James Randi and…

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  • Hey Alaskans! (I know there are a few of you)

    Blue Collar Scientist has informed me that he is organizing a meet-up for Anchorage skeptics on March 20 at a Barnes & Noble. Details here! The huge recent increase in skeptical events and meet-ups has been fabulous, I must say. I’ve pretty much always been pro-meatspace meet-up since I first met the other New England-area skeptics back in 2004. Writerdd…

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  • Monday, March 24: Boston Skeptics in the Pub!

    Elyse seems to think that the Chicago Skepchick readers and Friendly Atheists can rock harder than the East Coast. I say we put it to the test: a mere two days after their meet-up, I’ll be hosting the very first Boston Edition of Skeptics in the Pub! The info: WHEN Monday, March 24 2008 7pm WHO Mike the Mad Biologist!…

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  • More about local events!

    1.) My favorite British sexularist Sid Rodrigues was recently interviewed by both Nature and Londonist about his excellent Skeptics in the Pub lecture series. In those interviews, he was kind enough to mention my hazy plans to start a Boston chapter. Thank you, darling — I guess that means it’s on! I’ll be planning for a mid-week event at a…

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  • The Good Times are Killing Me

    New York always leaves me happy, but I always leave New York sad. There’s a moral somewhere. Thank you to everyone who made it to my talk yesterday — I was told we had about 55 or 60 people, with about 40% women, which if you saw my talk you know is kind of great.  Afterward we retired to The…

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