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    Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres: Don’t Promote Theresa Caputo, the “Long Island Medium”

    A new video! Close-enough transcript below. Hey Ellen. We need to talk about Theresa Caputo. She’s the “Long Island Medium” who claims to be able to talk to the dead, and you’ve had her on your show in the past and you’re planning to have her on your show again. To be fair, if Theresa Caputo can do the things…

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  • Testing Spirit Writing

    Some chicks are given flowers or sexy lingerie as gifts. I received a Ghost Writer Automatic Writing Kit… I tested a spirit writer years ago, and concluded that the practitioner’s pages of ‘channeled’ scrawl were a stream-of-consciousness style of writing that’s about as paranormal as James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. I should explain here that there are two types of ‘spirit…

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