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    This Obnoxious Face Lotion is “Chemical-Free” and Infused with Magical Thinking

    Have you ever felt like you have too much money and that your skincare products don’t have enough energy infused in them? Are you afraid of chemicals? Good news, I have┬áthe perfect solution for you! Welcome to the world of Sodashi skincare! I was naturally curious when I came across this product, since it’s described as “chemical-free,” which is a…

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  • Skepticism

    Ask Surly Amy: Meditation

    Dear Surly Amy, A lot of my friends are into meditation, and I have seen things in various places that lead me to believe that some of the benefits my friends seem to derive from it have scientific basis. I’d be interested in adding meditation into my overall mental health routine, but a lot of the guides that I’ve seen…

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