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  • ActivismPhoto of two shirts with a "license plate" anti-ALPR design from Adversarial Fashion

    Mansplain Monday: When Men Explain Things To You By Citing You

    Mansplain Mondays are back! You might remember it as the feature that became especially meta when men began responding to the existence of our Mansplain Monday posts by mansplaining the concept of “mansplaining.” For our new Mansplain Mondays we will be featuring an especially funny example of mansplaining that we’ve come across that week, because if we can’t stop men…

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  • FeminismLelsie Marshall: Absolute garbage. This poor woman should just make her husband a sandwich.

    Mansplain Monday: Men Mansplain Mansplaining to Me

    Welcome to the second installment of Mansplain Monday. Last time I wrote about men who mansplain statistics to me. Of course, as any woman on the internet knows, if you mention the word “mansplaining” inevitably men will respond by mansplaining mansplaining to you. This week I’d like to go a little bit meta and discuss some of the common responses to…

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  • FeminismText from facebook comment: "So, you don't use the words data mining to point out that they're data mining. LOL. I'm starting to think you've never taken a science course.

    Mansplain Monday: Men Mansplain Statistics to Me

    Welcome to the first post of our new series Mansplain Monday wherein we post and discuss some of our “favorite” examples of mansplaining that we have come across during the week. For the first Mansplain Monday I want to get a little bit personal. For those of you who are regular Skepchick readers, you know that I post a lot…

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