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    Valentine's candy heart with words "hard luck"

    Cross Post: Why Valentine’s Day Sucks For Teens

    Editor’s note:  This cross post from Grounded Parents was written by Jay. Click through the link at the bottom to read the full post and make comments.  ****** They say that being a teenager sucks. If so, then it certainly sucks even more around Valentine’s Day. Romance is hard enough at any age, but when your teenage hormones are raging…

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  • Anti-Science
    Male/Female primary fantasy chart

    Bad Chart Thursday: Public Displays of Affection

    I wasn’t going to do a Valentine’s Day post. It’s a holiday that doesn’t really cross my radar except for maybe the prospect of discounted candy after it’s over. But even then, it pales in comparison with Halloween. If Halloween is a full-course meal, Valentine’s Day is the mint you get with the check. I usually toss those mints in…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Skepchick Sundaylies! Christian Love, Bathing in the Ganges, and SAHPs

    Sunday Funny: “You can calculate the area of my annulus and goddamn kiss it!” (via SMBC) Teen Skepchick Depending on What You Mean by Love Elizabeth realizes that her family tries to convert her out of love, but it’s still kind of terrible. The Physics Philes, lesson 120: Very Specific Heat Mindy battles the cold by thinking about physical quantities…

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  • Featured

    Bad Chart Thursday: Valentine Edition

    It’s that time of year again, when writers across the Internet tell the romantic tale of two unlikely lovers coming together at last: Correlation and Causation. Over on The Normal Bar blog, these star-crossed lovers teach us all a few lessons about love. And by love, I mean sex. Because it turns out, they are pretty much the same thing.…

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  • Feminism

    Let’s Play a Love Game: On Orientation & Options

    Note: I’m going to use more than one term to describe similar things. All less usual terms regarding gender and sexual orientation are linked to explanations of their meanings. Of all the misguided things Woody Allen and his movies have stated about gender and sexuality, the most grating to me is his quip about nonmonosexuals: Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances…

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  • Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: February 10 – February 16 on the Skepchick Network

    It’s a very exciting day inside this week’s ICYMI post. If you’ll notice, we have a new edition to the Skepchick family. It’s, blog-casting from Norway straight into your computer! Go show them some love, won’t you? Teen Skepchick What is Glass? Is glass a liquid or a solid? Or something else entirely? Genetically Modified Salmon: Food or “Frakenfish?”…

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  • Skepticism

    Ask Surly Amy: Marriage Counseling

    Dear Surly Amy, I’ve been with my boyfriend for several years now and we’re at the point where the topic of engagement/marriage is coming up. We’re interested in going through pre-marriage counseling. This sounds simple enough but the problem is all the programs I’ve heard about have been religiously affiliated (we’re both atheists) or set off my bullshit meter. Examples…

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  • AI: (Un)Conditional Love

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