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    Bad Chart Thursday: Sugar Could Make Us Immortal

    I was casually strolling about the Internet the other day, enjoying a hot fudge doughnut M&M sundae, as I am wont to do, when I came across some SHOCKING news about US sugar consumption: By 2606, the US Diet will be 100 Percent Sugar. My first thought was that this would be only a 5 percent increase in my current…

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  • Science

    Ask Surly Amy: Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescatarian Diets

    Dear Surly Amy, I’m trying to find non-biased sources on health, longevity, etc, related to Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescetarian diets, but am having an incredibly hard time finding any article online that isn’t teeming with bias (Vegan websites are super biased, btw). What are the health facts, pure and simple? ~Patrice Dear Patrice, Unfortunately the health facts aren’t pure and simple. Different people…

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  • You’re Older Than You’ve Ever Been (And Now You’re Even Older)

    A few weeks ago on SGU, we talked about the recent discovery of what is possibly the world’s oldest living tree — a 9,550-year old spruce on a Swedish mountainside. We received a few letters from people who claimed their alder was elder, or whatever. (Actually, some New Zealanders were up in arms at the lack of a shout-out for…

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