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    This is What Threats to Free Speech Actually Look Like

    Twitter’s recent permanent ban of professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos and his followers’ indignant cries of censorship are the most recent (and highest-profile) example of a phenomenon that has existed for years across countless blogs and internet communities. The pervasive–but entirely entirely incorrect–notion that anyone can say whatever vile garbage they want on any platform they choose without suffering any consequences is so common on…

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  • FeminismPresidential candidate Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton Is Not My Feminist Hero

    An article has been making the rounds that shares a self-described “all-caps explosion of feelings” about the how the left has failed to support Hillary Clinton’s run for president. Amid important points about how Clinton criticism can often be sexist and Clinton’s gender makes her presidential campaign all the more challenging, there’s a troubling refrain: We all make mistakes. Give Hillary…

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    The 344th Slut: A French Feminist Fights for Equality

    It’s a longstanding feminist complaint: men can do anything from yardwork to club sports with their torsos exposed, but when a woman appears topless in public it’s considered illegal and indecent. What may surprise American readers is the fact that France, a country we associate with racy films and nude beaches, shares this double standard—and just like in the United…

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  • Skepticism

    The Atheist Academic III: Separating Church and State

    A recent article from Tori Parker on (come check us out!) I’d like to start this week’s column with a question from a loyal reader. (I suppose I can’t actually call someone a “loyal” reader when this is column #3, but it makes me feel better.) Anyway, Belinda from Oklahoma asks,“What are some ways of handling separation of church…

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  • Christians Hate New Hate Crime Bill

    In April of this year, the House of Representatives voted on and passed a legislation in the interest of banning hate crimes against homosexuals. The Senate is up next for a similar bill, and Christians are freaking the eff out. Who can blame them? Groups like Westboro Baptist Church base their whole schtick on the fact that homosexuality is so…

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