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  • Feminism

    Ask Surly Amy: Privileged Bitch?

    Dear Surly Amy With all this talk about “Elevatorgate” I thought I’d ask a question about male privilege and insults. I was reading this article: http://is.gd/GG8hmd and I posted it on a chat room with a the comment “She’s a privileged bitch.” This sparked quite a debate on my use of the word “bitch.” I’ll spare you all the details…

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  • Monster Talk

    Are you a Bigfoot buff? A fan of phantom cats? Whatever your favorite cryptid, I urge you to check out Monster Talk, a new podcast about cryptozoology. Finally, science has a say about the Loch Ness Monster, El Chupacabra and other mysterious beasts. (And maybe even Squatchy, our French Canadian, cross-species molesting  friend!) Monster Talk takes cryptozoology to the lab.…

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  • Skepchick Guest Article #3 – Karen Stollznow

    This month, I’m happy to announce an article from guest writer Dr Karen Stollznow, with whom I recently had the pleasure of drinking in a Las Vegas bar overlooked by pole dancers. I’ve enjoyed Karen’s writing on skeptical and paranormal topics for a few years, and am delighted she’s agreed to contribute to Skepchick. Without further ado, here’s Something Old,…

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