justin bieber

  • Activism

    Too Pretty To Do Homework

    UPDATE: 8/31/11 11:15am: The shirt appears to have been pulled from the site. No other response yet from JCP. UPDATE 11:30am: Others reporting link still works. Shirt still for sale. No response from JCP. UPDATE 12:52pm: JC Penny has pulled the shirt! Woot! They have issued the following apology: “JCPenney is committed to being America’s destination for great style and…

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  • Parenting

    Engineers and Illiterates team up for SCIENCE!

    “When I get down [inside my head]… The marbles start turning and I start seeing shapes and getting a rhythm of things. That’s science to me.” – Steven Tyler Imagine a science experiment where you get to take a bunch of monkeys who do sign language, give them marijuana and ask them to explain science. It’s a pretty amazing scientific…

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