• Science

    Immunization: Myths, Misconceptions & Misinformation

    Way back in 2010, when Women Thinking, inc was running the Hug Me! I’m Vaccinated campaign, we were writing material to use to convince parents to vaccinate their children. The problem was that we had no idea what the most convincing arguments were. That’s when we got the idea to conduct a marketing research survey to determine the types of…

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  • Activism

    Summary of Vaccine Survey Results

    As you have probably already heard, Women Thinking, inc has spent the last couple years working on a project funded by the JREF to survey parents who are fence-sitters on the issue of vaccinating their children. The project is a kind of market survey to learn which arguments these parents find most persuasive in convincing them that vaccinating their children…

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  • The Skeptic Next Door: Sadie Crabtree

    We haven’t had a good old-fashioned Skeptic Next Door feature in a while and I just happened to make a new friend who lives just down the road from me that I thought my Skepchick pals might like to meet! She is a skeptic and she is passionate about making a difference in the world. Allow me to introduce to…

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  • Skepchicks in the Lounge with Phil Plait!

    I’m pleased to announce that we have finally released another episode of the Skepchick Podcast! This will be the first in a series called Skepchicks in the Lounge, in which the Skepchicks gather together for drinks and conversation with someone interesting – in this case, we discuss the International Year of Astronomy with Dr. Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy and JREF!…

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  • Breaking news: TAM London announced

    Just a very quick plug for the hot-off-the-press news that The Amaz!ng Meeting is coming (or in the case of many of you, going) to London on 3rd and 4th October this year. TAM London will have a spectacular line-up (trust me) of speakers and entertainers, headed by James Randi and Phil Plait. More details within a few weeks but…

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  • TAM 6, a little late…

    I know everyone is sick of TAM 6 recaps but I’m super slow this week. So, I’ve written up my recap over at my blog at Masala Skeptic – check it out if you want. I just wanted to post two photos because they’re awesome and say more than any post could.  Check em out below the fold!

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  • JREF Auction – signed portrait of Randi!

    I donated this very cool portrait of Randi for the JREF to auction.  It was done by a close acquaintance of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) and I had it signed by Randi when I was at TAM 5.5.  It’s sitting on my mantle right now, just waiting to be shipped off to some lucky, generous soul.  Bid bid…

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  • Hear me at The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 next week

    Hello everyone! I am delighted to announce that my good self (well, quite naughty self usually) will be speaking at James Randi’s The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. My paper, one of the Sunday presentations, will be at 9.45am on 22nd June and is on the topic that is the topic of ‘marketing on teh interwebs’.…

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