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  • Breaking news: TAM London announced

    Just a very quick plug for the hot-off-the-press news that The Amaz!ng Meeting is coming (or in the case of many of you, going) to London on 3rd and 4th October this year. TAM London will have a spectacular line-up (trust me) of speakers and entertainers, headed by James Randi and Phil Plait. More details within a few weeks but…

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  • The oldest newest skeptic

    My grandmother is a rare old bird. At 83, she works on a market stall selling dolls, has bright red (dyed) hair, and frequently wins line dancing medals. But there’s no denying the stubbornness of old women, and she can be a royal pain in the rear when it comes to being ‘right’. For example, a few years ago I…

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  • An Evening With James Randi and Friends

    Saturday night’s ‘An Evening With James Randi and Friends’ is going to be like Woodstock – in years to come everyone will claim to have been there but few will actually be able to tell you what Simon Singh did with a gherkin. I should at this point declare an interest: I was one of the organising committee, and so…

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  • James Randi & Friends in the UK!

    Not every new calendar entry gets its own shout-out here on Skepchick, but those that are run by Skepchicks or their crushes certainly do. To that end, let me point out that my favorite cheeky skeptical monkey Sid Rodrigues of Skeptics in the Pub has organized a fantastic event in London this April 19: An Evening with James Randi and…

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  • Local Skepticism

    It’s been a fun week to be a skeptic in Atlanta. On Wednesday, James Randi himself was in town to speak at a local conference. Some of us local Atlantans met up with him that night after he had a very busy day. See pictures and find out more below the fold:  Then, yesterday, the hubby and I got to…

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  • My Awesome James Randi Trivia Challenge

    I am eaten up with jealousy because all of my friends are having a great time together at TAM 5.5 and I’m stuck here in England sitting on my hands. However, I did just now think of the awesomest James Randi/MC Hammer trivia question ever. So, this for everyone not currently in the company of The Amazing: In which film…

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