• Skepticism

    Cross-Post: The Myth of Magical Thinking

    Editor’s Note: This piece was originally posted on Grounded Parents and is written by Angela about the pervasiveness of magical thinking in the infertility community. If you want to read the rest or leave a comment, click through the link at the bottom of this post! ***** (Trigger warnings: miscarriage and stillbirth) April 19-23 is National Infertility Awareness Week in…

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  • Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: Frances Allen, Rooster Talkin’, Marriage Traditions, Rape Media, and “Intellectual Snobbery”

    Teen Skepchick Fair Lady of Computer Science Who Kicks Ass For Women’s History Month, Elisheba gushes about Frances Allen. The Sexualization of YA Fiction Olivia argues that young adult fiction, especially with a female protagonist, focuses too much on a narrow array of relationships and a limited view of sexuality. Poetry and Gender What is gender’s place in feminism? Mad…

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