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    Trump & Dawkins Confused Why White Supremacists Might Like Them

    The retweet (or “RT” in shorthand) is a funny thing. It can serve many purposes, some of which are contradictory: signal boosting, positive endorsement, an effort to draw negative attention to someone’s opinions, or simple agreement. The practice of retweeting can be so fraught with confusion, that some individuals choose to include a “RT =! Endorsement” disclaimer right in their Twitter bio. But…

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    The Silencing of Richard Dawkins

    EDIT: The original introduction to this post contrasted Dawkins’s feelings of being “silenced” with the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which occurred at the same time that I wrote the piece. It has been brought to my attention that the trans community has been frequently used by various atheist factions to make points that come at their expense or have nothing…

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