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    Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham! Here Are Some Tips

    Tomorrow, Bill Nye will debate Ken Ham at the Creation Museum. I made a video with a few tips to help him out! Basic transcript: DON’T DO IT BILL NYE

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  • The “Satan is a Dick” Theory of Fossilization

    Hey everybody near London! I’ll be on a panel tonight as the final act of TAM London. Sign up here and then be at Conway Hall at 7pm.

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  • Five Questions for Ben Stein

    On April 3rd, I received the e-mail below from the public relations firm hired by the producers of the anti-evolution movie Expelled, starring Clear Eyes spokesperson Ben Stein. Please enjoy the initial e-mail (in which the name of my site and the word “publicly” are misspelled, the O’Reilly Factor is invoked, and the “scientific community” is accused of hiding something),…

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  • Audio of PZ Myers Crashing the Expelled Teleconference

    Yesterday, the PR company hired by Expelled invited me (among many other members of the press and nontraditional media) to participate in a teleconference today with Ben Stein, Mark Malkis, and the other film makers. I was pretty annoyed at the start, since they decided that instead of an open press conference with, you know, free speech, people had to…

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  • Expelled Exposed!

    We’ve already gone over the whole PZ Myers vs. Ben Stein bonanza, and yes, the whole thing has pretty much buried any credibility the creationists ever had (they had credibility?). But, hell, let’s keep going just in case. I’m recording the next Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe episode right now, and we just finished a great interview with my favorite…

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