• FeaturedPhoto of Planet of the Arthropods

    Planet of the Arthropods

    I’m on the radio! Skeptically Speaking asked me to talk a little bit about insect conservation, in order to round out an interview with the author of Rat Island. (I haven’t read the book yet, but it looks pretty fascinating.) I mostly discussed the 2012 report “Spineless”, published by IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature). You might recognize…

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  • SciencePhoto of How to make a giant aluminum ant nest

    How to make a giant aluminum ant nest

    The internets have been abuzz with this photo today (Click for the full size version). It’s a photo of an aluminum cast of an ant nest made by Walter Tschinkel, a Florida entomologist–but there haven’t been a lot of additional details. The nest you are looking at is one of a Florida harvester ant, and appeared with many other photos…

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  • SciencePhoto of Can Stick Insects really mate for 1400 hours?

    Can Stick Insects really mate for 1400 hours?

    I saw this tweet a while back, and it made me awfully curious: Is that true? Because that seems like not a very smart thing to do, if you are a large and tasty insect. Or, in this case, two large leaf-eating insects belonging to a group that specializes in being invisible to predators by looking like a stick. Two…

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  • SciencePhoto of Art made of Aedeagus

    Art made of Aedeagus

    Well, sort of. An artist down under has created an exhibit of insect penises.  (Or, to use the proper name for insect intromittent organs, aedeagi.)

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  • SciencePhoto of Waiter, There’s a Bug in my Frappuccino

    Waiter, There’s a Bug in my Frappuccino

    This headline…may be a bit of an overstatement:  "Soy Strawberry Frappuccinos are the latest threat to the vegan community."  Vegans are feeling threatened(?) by the revelation that Starbucks Soy Frappuccinos contain insect juice. Specifically, cochineal insect extract used as a reddish food coloring. Is there really "bug juice" in your Strawberry Frappuccino? Yes! 

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  • SciencePhoto of Debugging Grace Hopper

    Debugging Grace Hopper

    Do you know who Grace Hopper is?  And that she has an entomological connection? I should give her the proper title–Rear Admiral Hopper.  (A biography described her as “Admiral of the Cybersea.”)  

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  • SciencePhoto of Bees, CCD, and Cellphones: Still no Link

    Bees, CCD, and Cellphones: Still no Link

    Once again, the media is going bonkers over a bee paper, and making claims way out of proportion to any actual results.  OMG RADIATIONS IN MAI BEEZ!!!

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  • Shellac: it’s a bug AND a feature!

    Happy Valentines Day! This holiday is traditionally celebrated with a gift of plant genitalia and candy to one’s beloved.  The flowers exist to attract pollinating insects, and the candy has an insect connection you might not know about. A common theme at my Bug Blog is that you eat insects on a regular basis.  And, frankly, that you need to…

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