• Feminisma homeless man sleeping on the streets

    Guest Post: There’s More Than One Way for a Person to Be Illegal

    Note: Ed Cara at Grumbles & Rumbles and Alexandra Brodky at Feministing (as well as many others) covered the issue of the rape and kidnapping victim who was arrested from a feminist, anti-rape perspective. One perspective that I found to be missing from the conversation is that of the homeless. When I engaged on the matter, it seemed that many did not…

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  • Activism

    Woman Wanted in Dubai for the Crime of Being a Rape Victim

    Trigger warning: This post discusses rape. A 24 year old Norwegian woman staying in Dubai, Marte Deborah Dalelv, has been accused and convicted after reporting being raped to the police. The police’s initial response was to throw her in jail and take her money and passport. She was later released and has since appeared before a court in Dubai. She has now…

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