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    EVENTS This Week—Christmas Drag Show, St. Augustine & Bertrand Russell Debate + MORE!

    Hey, everybody! It’s time to switch things up and give you all a bit more notice about upcoming events, so from here on out, look for this post on Wednesdays about events for roughly the following Friday–Thursday. This is especially important this week for those of you who need to plan your outfit for the Jingle Balls: Christmas Drag Show…

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  • Damn You, Harvard Humanists!

    I’ve had a busy week. Monday was Boston Skeptics in the Pub with the famed and justly popular Marc Abrahams of the Annals of Improbable Research. A wrap-up of that event, plus video goodness, will come soon enough. I’ve also had podcasts to record Sunday and Wednesday and a few other events Tuesday and this Saturday, thanks to the Harvard…

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