• Religion

    Confessions of a Former Holocaust Denier

    Note: More than once, I’ve actually heard anti-Jewish Arabs argue that there’s no way they could be “anti-Semitic” since they don’t hate themselves; I grew up with the understanding that “Semite” is not a synonym for “Jew.” For the sake of my own clarity in writing this and to avoid that sort of semantic nit-picking, I will refer to hostility towards Jews as…

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  • Extreme Fundamentalists & Responsibility

    As Jen mentioned in this morning’s Quickies, yesterday Dr. George Tiller was murdered on his way to church, most likely by an extreme fundamentalist who disagreed with Tiller’s decision to provide women with therapeutic abortions. Tiller was well-known for running one of the only abortion-providing clinics in Kansas, where he and his team gave women extensive counseling before and after…

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