• Activism

    #HollywoodPayUp: Production Assistants Need Fair Pay

    The other day, I was listening to Scriptnotes, a podcast hosted by Craig Mazin (creator of Chernobyl) and John August (writer of Disney’s Aladdin), and one of the issues they brought up was the treatment of production assistants (PA’s) in Hollywood. The question they asked their listeners was (paraphrasing), what is going to be the next obvious issue that people…

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  • Featured

    Getting Away With Murder (Because It’s Christmas)

    Every Christmas the Science for the People team digs into our back catalogue and plucks out one of our favourites to rebroadcast over the holiday. This year, we’ve pulled one of our favouritest favourites! The “Getting Away With Murder” panel discussion was recorded live at SkepchickCon 2014. As the title suggests, our panelists discussed the realities of forensic and crime…

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