• Pseudo-cide is Painless

    Via the excellent Museum of Hoaxes, I discovered two recent articles describing people faking deaths online. This piqued my interest, due in part to my long-established interest in scams and hoaxes, and also because we had a commenter on Skepchick last year who faked his own death. At the time, we didn’t discuss it here on Skepchick because we weren’t…

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  • Cat Child Found in Cave!

    Or, maybe not? Vikki Thomas, intrepid journalist for The Sun, reports that “A CAT-BOY has stunned medics with his ability to SEE in pitch black with eyes that GLOW in the dark.” All the preceding CAPITAL LETTERS are THE SUN’S, possibly designed to FREAK YOU THE HELL OUT because OMG CAT-BOY WILL DESTROY US ALL! Young Nong Youhui was supposedly…

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  • Snake oil perfume for horny men and women

    An amusing email arrived for me earlier this week: Hello, My name is Margot and I’m the webmaster of www.best-pheromones.com. I wanted to know if you could do a paid UNBIASED review of our product/site. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you, Margot [name and email removed] I was especially intrigued by the capitalization of “unbiased.” After…

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