• Activism

    Food is for White Liberals What Sex Is For The Religious Right

    It occurred to me a few weeks ago after a discussion based on a pro-GMO post Kavin wrote for Grounded Parents. Bring up reproductive rights and liberals shake their heads and remark on the incredible cognitive dissonance of the Religious Right. Sure, the Right is “small government” in theory, but it’s about sex, liberals shrug. It’s about policing women’s bodies and an…

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  • FeminismTerry Richardson & Dov Charney

    Bad Chart Thursday: Exposing Dov Charney & Terry Richardson

    I had never thought much of Terry Richardson or Dov Charney, but all the information I’d heard about “them”, until very recently, somehow ended up in the same mental box, as it were. I instinctively thought they were the same person until the so-called “News Media”‘s propaganda machine told me that one is a photographer and one is the head of American…

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  • Skepticism

    Homeopathy at Urban Outfitters

    Good news, wealthy hipsters who are very impressed with fancy packaging regardless of the contents – Urban Outfitters now sells Sprayology homeopathic products! According to their Twitter bio: “Spray in your mouth – Sprayology is a safe and effective natural line of homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays that speak to the concerns of men, women, & teens.” Finally! A $23/ounce…

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