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    Will GOP Healthcare Plans Cover Immunization If Tom Price Is Confirmed?

    Earlier this week, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) introduced S.191, the Patient Freedom Act (PFA) of 2017, as a potential replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The PFA gives states three options: (1) Keep ACA; (2) implement market-based health care and insurance, with funds in individual Roth health savings plans (HSAs) and autoenrollment in a basic high-deductible plan for all…

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    ACA Replacement Plans: Your Money or Your Life, Part 1

    GOP replacement plans for Obamacare do not live up to claims of protecting people with pre-existing conditions, prohibiting health status discrimination, prohibiting lifetime or annual limits, reducing costs for consumers, and many other promises. This is true for every plan proposed so far, but in this article, I focus on the bill introduced in the US Senate on Monday, January…

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  • Skepticism

    From a Former Employee: 5 Reasons #CVSQuits is a Smokescreen

    [Edited for clarity.] This morning, the Internet was all a-twitter about #CVSQuits. CVS Caremark, the company that owns the CVS Pharmacy chain, has announced that CVS stores will be phasing out the sales of tobacco products. The move is an excellent publicity stunt, but, in my view, not terribly meaningful in terms of helping people’s health. Here’s why, based on…

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