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    Self Care Sunday: Do something you’re bad at

    I am someone who is a bit of an overachiever. I’m definitely Type-A, where the A stands for my Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Also, I’m in academia which is, let’s say, really really really frakking competitive and stressful. I love teaching and working with undergraduates so SO much that it’s worth it, but it’s a recipe for me to be overwhelmed.…

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  • Quickies
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    Quickies: A controversial moment, a vicious proposal, a ridiculous claim, and a potty mouth

    Welcome to your Friday Quickies! Brandt Jean’s Act Of Grace Toward His Brother’s Killer Sparks A Debate Over Forgiving – NPR does a pretty good job of capturing a wide array of voices, specifically black voices, commenting on this controversial moment. You all heard how the Trump administration actually considered a gorram alligator-filled moat for a border wall, right? The…

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  • A selection of science topics

    I thought I’d come back from the miasma with a selection of topics my fellow grad students are working on. 1.) Modeling dolphin whistles for the purpose of covert communications 2.) Internal tides-that is tides occurring between two layers of water. 3.) Measuring velocity fields using lasers and marine snow. (Marine snow is basically plankton feces) 4.) Sending autonomous underwater…

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