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    Kavin is a Skepchick Now

    Hi readers! I’ve just joined the ranks of some of the most brilliant feminist critical-thinkers on Earth, so I’d like to introduce myself. Some of you won’t have heard of me, while others will know me from my writing at Skepchick sister site Grounded Parents, my work at Genetic Literacy Project, and my general science advocacy on social media and…

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  • Guest Bloggers

    Guest Post: What is Precision Medicine?

    Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is by Kavin Senapathy, who also blogs over at Grounded Parents. Below, she explains the role of genetics in the developing field of customized medical treatment.  *** Imagine traveling to a parallel universe and also several centuries from the future (if you read this blog, you probably daydream about this regularly.) Now let’s say you…

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