• Science

    Carl Sagan, Immortalized in SpokePOV

    OK, maybe “immortalized” isn’t exactly the right word for a portrait in LEDs that only appears when in motion, but it’s close enough. SpokePOV is a kit you can build that will let you program images that appear on your bicycle’s wheel when you ride at a certain speed. The “POV” stands for “persistence of vision,” which in a colloquial…

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  • Featured

    DragonCon Boycott Over Alleged Child Molester

    Last week, a friend sent me the news that one of the founders of DragonCon, the large sci-fi/fantasy convention in Atlanta, GA, was arrested for child molestation. Ed Kramer was first arrested back in 2000 on charges that he sexually abused three teens but he was found to be physically incapable of standing trial. He was placed under house arrest…

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  • Events

    Join the Skepchicks, Freethought Blogs, and 5,000+ Geeks this Weekend!

    My mother just called and asked what I’m doing tomorrow. I said, “Wednesday? I’m prepping for SkepchickCON! I fly out Thursday for Minneapolis. I’m so excited!” She pointed out that it’s the 4th of July. “The fourth of whatnow?” WHO CARES, because I’m on my way to four days of learning, conversing, and partying with some of the best people…

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  • Comic-Con, Wootstock & The Skeptical Community

    I recently returned home from Comic-Con in San Diego and it was AMAZING! Sorry to drop this on top of Chelsea’s Con envy AI post but yeah, Comic-Con was AWESOME! Seriously, I had no idea what I was in for. I had never been to Comic-Con. I mean, I had friends like A.Real.Girl tell me it was the biggest convention…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition 9.16

    I’m a big fan of flying one’s geek flag.  I think getting your geek on helps other people really see who you are, and you have fun in the meantime regardless.  Recently someone asked me if there was a pariah of the world of geekery.    Is some form of geek the 98-pound weakling in the eyes of the rest of…

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