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  • Activism

    Stop Calling Macklemore “Brave.”

    A few days ago, Macklemore took home four Grammys (for New Artist, Rap Performance, Rap Song for “Thrift Shop,” and and Rap Album for The Heist). After the ceremony, Macklemore posted a picture to his Instagram of a text message he sent to Kendrick Lamar, who he beat out for best rap album, where he says, “You got robbed. I wanted you…

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  • Feminism

    A Shout-Out to LGBT & Pro-LGBT Rappers

    There are many people of color in hip-hop who have come out in favor of LGBT people: A$AP Rocky, Snoop Lion, Beyonce, T-Pain, T.I., as well as Mr. Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Will Smith, and 50 Cent (I am aware that some of them might be problematic). I consider B. Dolan to be an honorable mention because he rapped in favor of a black trans woman, which is, arguably, less career-friendly…

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  • Skepticism

    Okay Oregon, it’s time.

    Thirteen years ago I moved to Portland from San Francisco. I told myself that I would wait at least ten years before I started venturing into writing about local politics and for the most part I have done so. But dammit, Oregon, it’s about time that we follow the example of 12 other states and legalize marriage equality. Look, we…

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  • Good Job, Backwards Hicks of Maine

    The rest of New England (except Rhode Island) is embarrassed by you, Maine. Go back to Canada.

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