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  • Feminism

    A Shout-Out to LGBT & Pro-LGBT Rappers

    There are many people of color in hip-hop who have come out in favor of LGBT people: A$AP Rocky, Snoop Lion, Beyonce, T-Pain, T.I., as well as Mr. Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Will Smith, and 50 Cent (I am aware that some of them might be problematic). I consider B. Dolan to be an honorable mention because he rapped in favor of a black trans woman, which is, arguably, less career-friendly…

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  • Skepticism

    Is Cousin Marriage Incest?

    If there were ever mixed news on the same-sex marriage front, there was yesterday: while North Carolina hasn’t legalized same-sex marriage, President Obama has come out in favor it. While the most recent news stories are far from the only ones to have spawned the trend, comparing same-sex marriage to cousin marriage seems to be a common thing to do.…

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  • Californians: Just Say No on Proposition 8

    As Sam mentioned the other day, there’s a lot more happening on Election Day than just the presidential race. Californians will be voting on Proposition 8, which, if passed, will take away the rights of gays to marry. Sean Carroll at Cosmic Variance had a wonderful essay last week about why this should matter to rational people, so I’ll link…

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