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  • Feminism

    A Shout-Out to LGBT & Pro-LGBT Rappers

    There are many people of color in hip-hop who have come out in favor of LGBT people: A$AP Rocky, Snoop Lion, Beyonce, T-Pain, T.I., as well as Mr. Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Will Smith, and 50 Cent (I am aware that some of them might be problematic). I consider B. Dolan to be an honorable mention because he rapped in favor of a black trans woman, which is, arguably, less career-friendly…

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  • Guest Bloggers

    Guest Post: A Mother’s Plea to Bullies

    Laura Stone, a blogger at Hey, Don’t Judge Me (well known for her Game of Thrones recaps), recently contacted us with some sad news. Her teenage son Austin has been dealing with bullies at school and she wanted to write a post about it. ————————- My son was recently hospitalized after his third suicide attempt. Contrary to the knee-jerk reaction…

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