• Anti-Science

    Muslim Science-Loving Kid Comes Out On Top, Infuriates White Atheists

    The brave and brilliant youngster Ahmed Mohamed has been showered with support since his ludicrous and racist arrest this week, receiving invitations to MIT, Harvard, NASA, Facebook, Twittter, and the White House, to name a few. (It’s important to note that the police who arrested him and the school who saw fit to punish him for a science project have…

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  • Why Women’s Rights are Important to Skeptics

    UPDATE: see this post for how to donate. I learned somewhere that the best way to give criticism is to compliment, then give constructive criticism, then compliment again. I think they called it a “compliment sandwich,” which is stupid because you’re supposed to name a sandwich after whatever’s on the inside. But I digress. In the spirit of the compliment…

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