• QuickiesNichelle Nichols showing her Lego astronaut ring

    Quickies: Celebrating Black joy in sci-fi, science, fatherhood, fitness, and nature…

    Well, I definitely missed the Friday Quickies this week. Oops. So let’s end the weekend by celebrating some Black joy and accomplishments in the wake of Juneteenth. (And, yes, these selections are totally biased towards my loves of Star Trek, astronomy, and fitness.) Listen to the amazing Nichelle Nichols talk about the era of blaxploitation in film and how Dr.…

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  • Life Stylea barbell on a gym floor

    Self Care Sunday: Do something you’re bad at

    I am someone who is a bit of an overachiever. I’m definitely Type-A, where the A stands for my Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Also, I’m in academia which is, let’s say, really really really frakking competitive and stressful. I love teaching and working with undergraduates so SO much that it’s worth it, but it’s a recipe for me to be overwhelmed.…

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  • Anti-ScienceCaster Semenya triumphant

    Maybe “the integrity of female athletics” is a bad idea

    I can’t stop thinking of this photo of Lynsey Sharp being hugged by fellow White lady Melissa Bishop after losing to Caster Semenya. The recently announced ruling that will force Semenya to take drugs to lower her natural testosterone levels has been widely discussed for the completely scientifically unfounded, racist, sexist, and homophobic, not to mention simply inhumane, dumpster fire of…

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  • FeaturedCarli Lloyd raises her fingers in the air after her third World Cup goal

    Feminism Needs Women’s Sports

    How much fun is sports twitter? I was newly reminded last night during the breathtaking opening minutes of the USA vs. Japan World Cup, when my TL was a sea of caps lock and gif dexterity reacting to the USA team’s performance and Carli Lloyd’s unprecedented hat trick. “I love Twitter,” my male partner laughed as we watched the game…

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  • Skepticism

    The Female Athlete Triad, part 2: The Right Stuff

    (Content notice: disordered eating.) My dietician is punching away at a calculator, as I watch her with the trepidation I might feel watching an airline employee attempting to find me a new flight in a snowstorm. “So, you’re not eating enough to begin with, and then a third of your calories are coming from alcohol or chocolate,” she says with…

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  • Science

    The Female Athlete Triad: Not As Fun As it Sounds

    Content notice: eating disorders. “Have you ever heard of the Female Athlete Triad?” I know what my new doctor’s about to say as soon as I hear the words “female athlete.” Having struggled with the ghosts of an eating disorder throughout my twelve-year running history, I get asked if I’m aware of the world’s best-named collection of ailments at least…

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  • Science

    7-minutes of Science-based Super Fitness!

    It’s science. It’s right there in the name. The Scientific 7-minute Workout. SCIENTIFIC, PEOPLE! As in, REAL SCIENCE. It’s even in a journal. A science journal. Of workouts. You cannot argue with this. You work out for seven minutes and it’s even better than running 5 miles. Science says so. And so does everyone else on earth who doesn’t want…

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