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    ICYMI: Breastfeeding, Belly Dancing, and Brown M&Ms

    Teen Skepchick Exams, Stress, and Expectations Being labeled “the gifted kid” can come with a heap of stress. You’ll Agree with Me When You’re Older Are points of view of older people inherently better than those of younger people? International Aid to Uganda in Light of Human Rights Violations What is the correct response to the horrible human rights violations…

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  • Another introduction

    Hello everybody, it’s Vera. I’ll be giving you some science later, but first, something about me. I’ve been preparing for qualifying exams lately. I’m taking them next week. These are mildly terrifying exams. I have to take two written exams, three orals, and do a presentation on the research I’ve done so far. This is terrifying, because if I don’t…

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