• Let’s Be Frank (Sumption)

    When the radio “talks” to you it’s possibly schizophrenia. When you’re off your anti-psychotic medication, this is the amazing Frank’s Box. Frank’s Box (also known as the Ghost Box) is a radio frequency device that is claimed to receive messages from deceased people, aliens, spirits, or the mythological entity (or non-entity) of your choice. Inspired by Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP),…

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  • Testing Spirit Writing

    Some chicks are given flowers or sexy lingerie as gifts. I received a Ghost Writer Automatic Writing Kit… I tested a spirit writer years ago, and concluded that the practitioner’s pages of ‘channeled’ scrawl were a stream-of-consciousness style of writing that’s about as paranormal as James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. I should explain here that there are two types of ‘spirit…

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  • Auditory Coolness

    Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh do a great bit in some of their presentations, demonstrating how easy it is to make someone hear just what you want them to hear simply through suggestion. (I’ve seen both guys use this, so I’m not positive who developed it but I’m willing to let them mud wrestle over it [naked]. WAIT, EDIT: I’ve…

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