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    Doctor Who’s Green Death Maggots

    My favorite Doctor is definitely David Tennant. But I also love classic Dr. Who, and The Green Death is one of the best episodes. Well, the best for an entomologist, anyway. So I bring you: Giant Fanged Death Maggots that Spit Glowing Green Snot.  Winning, indeed!  These episodes are from the 10th season of Dr. Who, in 1973.  Plot synopsis: UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce)…

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  • ScienceAnt Nest

    How to make a giant aluminum ant nest

    The internets have been abuzz with this photo today (Click for the full size version). It’s a photo of an aluminum cast of an ant nest made by Walter Tschinkel, a Florida entomologist–but there haven’t been a lot of additional details. The nest you are looking at is one of a Florida harvester ant, and appeared with many other photos…

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  • Science

    Debugging Grace Hopper

    Do you know who Grace Hopper is?  And that she has an entomological connection? I should give her the proper title–Rear Admiral Hopper.  (A biography described her as “Admiral of the Cybersea.”)  Hopper received a PhD in Mathematics from Yale University in 1934, which could not have been easy. She left a faculty position at Vassar to join the Navy…

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  • AI: It’s Just Another Day

    Some days are fantastic! Like just recently when I was at ArealGirls’s super secret desert compound and I totally caught a crazy looking spider-monster bug in a glass bowl and photographed it and then sent the photos to Bug Girl and I was like, “WTF is this scary-ass bug?” and she was like, “Cool, it is a wind scorpion (solpugid)…

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