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    Guest Post: I Will Not Be Quiet About Calling Out Misogyny

    Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post by Samantha Merrill is one of many powerful stories that have come out since the Isla Vista shootings. #YesAllWomen.  *** Note: Edited to add a TW for Domestic Violence. I’ve been a proud, outspoken feminist for a long time now. I have no problem talking about the injustices women suffer on a daily basis. I…

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    Bad Chart Thursday: Not Misogyny

    This post is not about misogyny. This post is not about Elliot Rodger. Those sentences I just wrote? They also are not about misogyny or Elliot Rodger. If you think they are, then you are claiming they do not contain the words “this” or “post” or “not” or “about.” You can’t have it both ways, people. Here’s a list of…

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