• Sciencechart showing a diff-in-diff analysis of two exponential growth trendlines with one shifted slightly to the left

    The Study Showing Over 260,000 COVID-19 Cases From the Sturgis Rally Has a Fatal Flaw

    When I first saw headlines last week that researchers found that the Sturgis motorcycle rally, which attracted 460,000 attendees to Sturgis South Dakota last month, has resulted in over 260,000 new COVID-19 cases, my first reaction was one of indignation. How dare these bikers take indiscriminate risks like attending a Smash Mouth concert in middle of a pandemic, bringing disease…

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  • Feminism

    Cross-post: Breast Milk is Not Free, so Stop Saying It Is

    Editor’s note: This post was originally featured on Grounded Parents and was written by me. In a nutshell: “By saying that breast milk is free, you are undervaluing a mother’s time, physical and mental costs, and actual financial costs to sustain breastfeeding.” ******* I have heard this refrain a lot lately: “I breastfeed my baby because breast milk is free!”…

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  • FeaturedRobot

    The Economics of Our Robot Future

    On Sunday morning of SkepchickCON I was one of the panelists on the faux award winning Cities of the Future panel along with Ryan Consell, Desiree Schell and Shawn Otto. We discussed a whole bunch of issues and problems that may come up in a future society such as global warming, resource constraints, and increased urbanization, but by far my favorite…

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  • Featured

    What the Hell do Experts Know Anyway?

    I am not a climate scientist and in fact I don’t know much about climate science, but I still believe strongly that human caused climate change is warming the Earth. Because climate science is not my area of expertise, it is perfectly reasonable for me to bow to the consensus of scientists that are experts in the field. Since climate…

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