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    More on the Duggar Scandal, or Why People Are More Important Than Ideals

    Here on the Skepchick network, Mary has already covered the fact that Josh Duggar recently admitted to molesting his younger sisters as well as other children. She provided a comprehensive review of the hypocrisy of the situation, as well as some of the responses. There’s another lesson here, beyond “fundamentalist Christians are awful people who do awful things” though, and…

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    Skepchick Quickies 9.5

    On September 5th, 1666, the Great Fire of London finally stopped. It had raged on for four days, destroying thousands of homes and 87 parish churches. The record states that only 6 people were killed but it was likely more than that because some people were probably completely cremated and the deaths of non-rich people generally weren’t recorded. You can…

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