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  • ScienceOz as a snake oil salesman

    Doctors Against Dr. Oz: Keep Your Eye on the Snake Oil Salesman

    Until recently, Dr. Mehmet Oz’s grip on the nation was firm. Indeed, America’s television doctor has charisma on his side. The handsome host’s demographic is composed largely of adoring women and young mothers, much like me. I’m a 32-year-old work-at-home mom smack dab in Oz’s target audience. I bristle at the unscientific misinformation he peddles. In his response to a…

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  • ScienceDr. Oz at senate hearing

    Physicians Speak Out Against Dr. Oz’s Position on Columbia Medical School Faculty

    Dr. Oz is America’s trusted television doctor. Though his expertise is cardiac surgery, the Dr. Oz Show covers myriad subjects and tops ratings, with millions tuning in daily to heed his advice. The man has charisma on his side; his demographic is composed largely of adoring women and young mothers. Though mainstream media has slammed him for espousing anti-science views,…

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  • Oprah Fights Back… Against Woo Pushers? Wha?

    Oprah and Dr. Oz have filed a lawsuit with more than 50 online advertisers who have been using their name and likeness to sell all kinds of useless-woo based products via the web. (Thanks to Infinite Monkey for bringing this to our attention.) I’m sure you have run across at least a few of the intrusive Oprah/Oz product pushes in…

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