• Activism

    What if we treated physical disabilities like mental health problems? Well, we do.

    I see a common sentiment echoed in the communities who advocate for better mental health access, understanding, and decreasing of stigma against people with mental health issues: “What if we treated physical disabilities/ailments the way we treat mental health?” For example, this comic. Or this comic. Or this other comic. I’ve seen dozens more, but you get the picture. I absolutely…

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  • Skepticisma sign reading "deadly peril" in Italian accompanied by a skull-and-crossbones symbol

    Poverty & Disability: A Most Dangerous Combination

    Poverty plus disability equals death sentence. They’re like bleach and ammonia: if the twain do meet and there are no windows for you to open, you’re history. This is about someone who found a window or two but could have just as easily asphyxiated. He was born into the middle class but a custody battle (and, later, his mother’s drug problems)…

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  • Guest Bloggers

    Guest Post: Blog Against “Disablism” Day by Sarah Moglia

    Our second guest blog today is from my friend and personal hero, Sarah Moglia, talking about invisible disability and how not to be a huge jerk friend to your newly disabled friends. ——— Disability. It’s one of those big, scary words that you think you know the meaning to. It’s one of those things that happens to other people, but…

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