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    #DemDebate Liveblog: 2 Dem 2 Debate

    It’s that time again! Tonight marks the second Democratic debate in just four days, and there’s a GOP debate yet to come this week. Are there always this many debates? The schedule feels a lot more packed this year. I have a teensy bit of election burnout (yes, I am aware it’s only March) so I tricked fellow Skepchick writer Julia Burke…

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  • Activism

    CNN #DemDebate Liveblog: Election Boogaloo

    The CNN Democratic Debate is tonight! Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton are going head to head, as we drudge into the next round of caucuses and primaries. In a couple weeks time, more than 50% of delegates will be spoken for, so this upcoming stretch is key for an underdog candidate like Sanders.  As I wrote earlier today: Yesterday[‘s primaries] hardly locked up a nomination…

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  • FeminismPresidential candidate Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton Is Not My Feminist Hero

    An article has been making the rounds that shares a self-described “all-caps explosion of feelings” about the how the left has failed to support Hillary Clinton’s run for president. Amid important points about how Clinton criticism can often be sexist and Clinton’s gender makes her presidential campaign all the more challenging, there’s a troubling refrain: We all make mistakes. Give Hillary…

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