• New Cpt. D Video: TAM6, and Ripped Off by German TV!

    There’s a new Captain Disillusion video up, hooray! And to make it even better, the first half is all about The Amaz!ng Meeting 6, AND there are cameos by Penn Jillette and yours truly, AND there’s a nice debunking of a reptile-woman video, AND there’s a new mission for us, the viewing audience: Cpt. D mentions that a German TV…

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  • About Skeptical Activism and Cheating Psychics

    So, as I just posted over on the SGU Blog, my thinky meats are still mushy from TAM5.5, so I’m letting an SGU listener have the floor. I got this note while I was in Florida, and was so ridiculously pleased that I shared the story with the 50 people in our podcasting & blogging seminar Friday as an example…

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