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    ICYMI: February 10 – February 16 on the Skepchick Network

    It’s a very exciting day inside this week’s ICYMI post. If you’ll notice, we have a new edition to the Skepchick family. It’s Skepchick.no, blog-casting from Norway straight into your computer! Go show them some love, won’t you? Teen Skepchick What is Glass? Is glass a liquid or a solid? Or something else entirely? Genetically Modified Salmon: Food or “Frakenfish?”…

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  • Science

    Happy Darwin Day, Everyone!

    One of the things I like about celebrating obscure or non-mainstream holidays is that you get to make up your own traditions. Today, February 12th, is Charles Darwin’s 204th birthday, and in my house we celebrate it with food, puns, and entertainment. (Actually, that’s how I celebrate most of my holidays, just with different themes.) Also, Darwin Day is an…

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  • Friday the 13th Comment o’ the Week!

    That’s right – in case you didn’t realize it, today is very special because it’s the 13th day of the month and it happens to fall on a Friday, and that means someone wearing a hockey mask will attempt to murder you. So long as you’ve never had sex and you stay out of the basement, you should be okay. Before…

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  • Did it get more Darwinian in here or is it just you?

    Happy Darwin Day, everyone! Obviously you all know it already, and I (usually?) hate to beat a dead and fossilized horse, but there are amusing shenanigans afoot. 1. I’ll be at the Harvard Darwin Day party tonight around 8pm. You should be, too! If you’re not around my neck of the woods, check out DarwinDay.org to find something local. 2.…

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  • Darwin Day: Cambridge

    The Cambridge party was hopping, with plenty of evil-utionists, drinks, snacks, cake, awful poetry, monkeys, and pipe cleaner creations. I’ve uploaded a few photos to Flickr . . . and here’s a search for “Darwin Day” across all of Flickr.

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  • Our Evolutionary Sweetheart

    Think about the last time you completely changed your world-view. I mean, completely. Like, one week you are absolutely positive the world is flat and still, and the next you realize that it’s an oblong oblate spheroid circling a flaming ball of gas in space. I’m sure many of you can think of a personal example. It happened to me,…

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  • Darwin Day fast approaches!

    Don’t forget, dear pals, that this Tuesday is February 12. Which is to say, it’s Darwin Day! Like last year, I’ll be celebrating at the Redline in Cambridge, MA. If you’re nearby, stop on over and toss back a few in the name of evolution. If you’re not nearby, check out the goings-on in your area. And hey, you still…

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