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    CVS, Tobacco, & Well-Done PR Moves

    It’s quite easy for a corporation to make a move that doesn’t affect their bottom line too badly and is along the lines of public opinion. They make the move, garner the praise, and enjoy the defense of the general public against the few who raise their voices against said move. This is what happened last week, when CVS announced…

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    Bad Chart Thursday: Higher CEO Pay Decreases Smoking Rates

    I was reading Heina’s recent article on #CVSQuits, the announcement by CVS Caremark that its drugstores would no longer be selling tobacco products, and something very interesting caught my eye. Heina points out that the decision is a publicity stunt, not one that will have a meaningful impact on public health, but buried in her arguments is the REAL REASON…

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  • Skepticism

    From a Former Employee: 5 Reasons #CVSQuits is a Smokescreen

    [Edited for clarity.] This morning, the Internet was all a-twitter about #CVSQuits. CVS Caremark, the company that owns the CVS Pharmacy chain, has announced that CVS stores will be phasing out the sales of tobacco products. The move is an excellent publicity stunt, but, in my view, not terribly meaningful in terms of helping people’s health. Here’s why, based on…

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