• Five Questions for Ben Stein

    On April 3rd, I received the e-mail below from the public relations firm hired by the producers of the anti-evolution movie Expelled, starring Clear Eyes spokesperson Ben Stein. Please enjoy the initial e-mail (in which the name of my site and the word “publicly” are misspelled, the O’Reilly Factor is invoked, and the “scientific community” is accused of hiding something),…

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  • Expelled Exposed!

    We’ve already gone over the whole PZ Myers vs. Ben Stein bonanza, and yes, the whole thing has pretty much buried any credibility the creationists ever had (they had credibility?). But, hell, let’s keep going just in case. I’m recording the next Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe episode right now, and we just finished a great interview with my favorite…

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  • Boston Skeptics in the Pub, Tonight!

    Here’s your last reminder to come join the fun at the Asgard in Central Square tonight at 7pm! We’ve got Mike the Mad Biologist talking about how to defend evolution, and by the looks of it, we’ll all be very entertained. All the necessary info is at Plus, I’ve just been informed that there’s parking available for $3 at…

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  • Darwin Day: Cambridge

    The Cambridge party was hopping, with plenty of evil-utionists, drinks, snacks, cake, awful poetry, monkeys, and pipe cleaner creations. I’ve uploaded a few photos to Flickr . . . and here’s a search for “Darwin Day” across all of Flickr.

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  • Our Evolutionary Sweetheart

    Think about the last time you completely changed your world-view. I mean, completely. Like, one week you are absolutely positive the world is flat and still, and the next you realize that it’s an oblong oblate spheroid circling a flaming ball of gas in space. I’m sure many of you can think of a personal example.

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  • Darwin Day fast approaches!

    Don’t forget, dear pals, that this Tuesday is February 12. Which is to say, it’s Darwin Day! Like last year, I’ll be celebrating at the Redline in Cambridge, MA. If you’re nearby, stop on over and toss back a few in the name of evolution. If you’re not nearby, check out the goings-on in your area. And hey, you still…

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