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  • Quickiespicture of a Somali sengi, a small, rodent-like creature

    Quickies: How are all those college openings going?

    It’s only the middle of August, but due to extenuating circumstances, many colleges are starting their fall semesters early! Let’s check in on how that’s going… After one week, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill reversed course and moved to virtual learning. An editorial in their student newspaper points out that they all saw it coming. Notre Dame enacts…

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  • Politics

    Proof That the End Times Are Nigh…

    .My darling husband Strange and I have been “social distancing” since Friday. That’s six days of total marital togetherness. We’re surviving pretty well. To be honest, I think every American should be given one free month of social distancing to be used in leap years going forward. Imagine how awesome this could be if everyone had been prepared for it?…

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  • Life Stylecultured butter

    Activities for Social Isolation: Making Cultured Butter (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

    I wasn’t planning on going through social isolation a week ago, but the community I live in has been affected by COVID-19 and so here we are. Fortunately, I usually spend my weekends inside my house doing all kinds of fun things (who knew I was so trendy doing social isolation before it was a thing?), and this weekend I…

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