• Featuredbee

    Planet of the Arthropods

    I’m on the radio! Skeptically Speaking asked me to talk a little bit about insect conservation, in order to round out an interview with the author of Rat Island. (I haven’t read the book yet, but it looks pretty fascinating.) I mostly discussed the 2012 report “Spineless”, published by IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature). You might recognize…

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  • Sciencedragonfly

    Spineless: Threats to the World’s Invertebrates

    Hot off the press, a new report published by the Zoological Society of London, in cooperation with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and Wildscreen.  You might recognize IUCN as the authors of the Red List, the definitive international list of species that are at risk of extinction. Why should you care about a bunch of squishy boneless animals?  …

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  • Afternoon InquisitionLittle penguin

    AI: Cleaning your penguin

    That is not a euphemism. This is actually about cleaning penguins.  Or, more specifically, cleaning oil off of penguins after an oil spill. My perspective on animal rehabilitation has changed a lot in the last 4 years. For much of that time I was the manager of a Bird Sanctuary, and involved with rehabilitation of injured birds and animals. I…

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  • Discovery Channel = Nature Porn

    I used to teach a Freshman Seminar about Skepticism and science, and one of the classes that always blew the kids away was a discussion of how much of what was on TV as nature/science was actually staged BS. CBC recently ran an expose on this, in which the first half was devoted to showing examples of just how much…

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