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    Your Well-Written Anti-Harassment Policy is Insufficient

    Last Memorial Day weekend, I headed up to Wisconsin to attend my very first WisCon. WisCon is a feminist sci-fi convention held each year in Madison, WI. I cannot even begin to tell you how mind opening my first WisCon was. The panels at WisCon went far beyond Feminism 101. It challenged the way I think about certain types of…

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    5 Things I Learned After My Partner Was Sexually Battered at an Atheist Conference

    When you’re ethically non-monogamous, you end up engaging in a lot of meta relationship conversations. When you’re polyamorous and dating someone you met because you were both speakers at the same secular event, you end up discussing the potential effects of your relationship, likely and unlikely alike, on your respective careers. This is especially true when one of you has strong…

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    #CoCPledge – A Way Forward?

    The #CoCpledge is a simple idea – pledge not to speak at conferences that don’t have a code of conduct established – that seems like a great step toward more fair and responsive treatment of all kinds of people at conferences. The pledge is perhaps more powerful when it comes from higher profile speakers (many of whom, like our own…

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    ICYMI: July 28 – August 3 on the Skepchick Network

    Teen Skepchick Suspension of Disbelief: Man of Steel Eddy is not impressed with the new Superman movie. The Ten Best Things About CFI’s Student Leadership Conference Avery went to the CFI Youth Leadership Conference and provides a rundown of the event. On Vaccinations Beccy laments the increase in preventable diseases in the UK, but also provides some good news. Mad…

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    Everything Sucks, but Not How You Think

    Dave McClure might not be a familiar name in the skeptic community, but he’s pretty well known in tech. A self-described “late bloomer,” he’s a guy who held various software industry jobs before founding the popular accelerator 500 Startups. He blogs and speaks at conferences and the like, typically with eyeball-peelingly bad slides and some foul language to boot. And…

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    EVENTS! 2013 Upcoming Cons, Festivals, Skepticamps & More

    I am a con woman. There, I said it. Although I’ve been to only a few conventions over the past couple of years, I am hooked. If you haven’t been to one, take a look at the list below for one to try, maybe something near where you live. If you have been to one (or more) but didn’t enjoy…

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